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Thursday 20th November 2014


Spanish | Mobile phone | Addiction

This Spanish interactive multiple-choice test will assess just how addicted your students are to their mobiles. Expect the worst!

Teaching ideas

If your students have access to iPads, iPhones or computers they could do this activity as part of a lesson on technology or addiction, whether at GCSE level or AS level. It will probably demonstrate quite effectively that most of us are addicted to something!

Students needing more support can use an online dictionary like to help them understand the ten questions and translate the personalised analysis at the end.

Alternatively the test could be set as a homework task with a summary of the feedback required as evidence, perhaps with a written reply in Spanish to indicate whether the student agrees with the test results and why.

To enable them to easily access the site, create a QR code for them to scan with their iPad or phone by pasting in the link to the site ( to a free QR generator such as this one:


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