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by Teachit
18th September 2014


French | Wind farm | Energy | Listening | A level

This short report about France's first cooperative wind-farm would be ideal for A2 French students studying the environment topic. The extract runs from 1m 42s to 3m 34s of the programme Coup de Pouce pour la planète on TV5.

Teaching ideas

To practise listening for the significance of various numbers and figures, put each of the numbers below on a card and ask students to listen out for each figure and put them in the order that they hear them. Listen again with pauses as needed so that they can note what each number relates to. 

Here are the numbers and their significance in the order they are mentioned:

1,000 = les personnes qui ont investi dans le parc.

€5,000 = la somme investie par la famille Duquet.

10 ans = le projet a commencé il y a plus de 10 ans.

10,000 = les habitants dans le canton de Bégannes.

4 = il y a 4 éoliennes dans le parc.

20 million = de KWH par an sera produit.

4% = l'intérêt annuel que l'investissement devrait rapporter.

20 = nouveaux projets coopératifs sont déjà lancés.

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