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Friday 1st August 2014


French | Listening | A level | Pollution

An intriguing video clip about a lake which has recently appeared in the Tunisian desert as if by magic … but with a disturbing twist in the tale.

Teaching ideas

This 50-second clip gives the story with three short bits of text.

1. Play the clip and pause it at 12 seconds. Ask students to read and translate the first bit of text:

Un lac est apparu comme par enchantement non loin de Gafsa dans le sud de la Tunisie au début du mois de juillet. 

Ask them some questions in French about what they can see (the weather, what people are doing etc), elicit their opinions of the lake and whether they would like to visit and swim there.

2. Play the next section of the clip and pause it again at 30 seconds. Ask students to read and give the gist of the next bit of text:

Ce point d'eau en pleine zone désertique fait le bonheur des populations avoisinantes mais inquiète les autorités.

Ask some more questions about why the locals are happy and invite speculation about why the authorities might be worried (in English or in French according to the level of your students).

3. Play the next section of the clip and pause it again at 38 seconds. Ask students to read and translate the next bit of text:

L'eau de ce lac, dont l'origine reste à préciser, pourrait être radioactive, du fait de la présence de gisements de phosphates.

Ask students to explain the problem and give their thoughts on this.

Still want to go there? Maybe not …



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