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by Teachit
1st August 2014


Spanish | Ice cream

The Spanish ice-cream which changes colour

Another great reason to go to Spain: they've invented an ice cream which changes colour as it melts and doesn't even contain E numbers! Read all about it here.

Teaching ideas

Starter: go to the article and minimise the webpage so that just the picture of the flashing ice cream is projected. Ask students to come up with Spanish vocabulary for ice cream flavours, encouraging them to invent some interesting flavours of their own using a dictionary. Ask them to predict what the article might be about.

Reading: expand the projected webpage of the article to include the title and the first paragraph and ask students to give you as many details as they can about this product.

Extension: for more challenge, scroll down the article to include the second and third paragraphs either side of the purple ice cream cone. Possible activities:

  • find all the cognates
  • look up three words you don't know and share them with a partner
  • choose one sentence to translate into English.

Creative writing: ask students to invent a new food product of their own and describe it. They should include its brand name, flavour(s) and USP (Unique Selling Point) and the reaction of those who have tried it.


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