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by Teachit
11th February 2019


All languages | Reading | Wellbeing

With revision and exams drawing ever closer, the pressures on both students and teachers start to increase exponentially. I'm sure we can all think of individual students whose mental wellbeing is a real concern, under the pressure to perform or to hit their target grades. Similarly, every teacher knows what it feels like to lie awake in the early hours worrying about a particular lesson, class or set of results.

Working day-in, day-out with these levels of stress can quickly become depressing and debilitating. We can't solve all the ills of the system that creates this pressure-cooker, so at the very least we need to find some strategies to manage our own mental health. If we look after ourselves, we will be better placed to care for our students and give them the support they need.

We have put together 20 ideas to improve teacher wellbeing, which may just give you some ideas for small changes that will make a big difference to your school day. We also love the monthly action calendars from Action for Happiness. Each month, they focus on a different theme with suggested daily actions to spread some happiness, improve your relationships and lift your mood.

Even better, they publish these calendars free in about a dozen different languages, from Catalan to Turkish. The French, German and Spanish versions of the calendars would be a great way to create a wellbeing display for your students. You could stick them in the corridor, on your classroom door or on a noticeboard and set students the challenge of working out the daily wellbeing tip.

Finally, a great line from Mark Twain: 'The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up.'

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