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by Teachit
10th March 2016


French | Listening | Numbers

If you're studying the holidays or free time topic, this promotional video from SNCF is a great way to expose students to some fast, authentic French in a context which will interest them: Disneyland Paris.

Teaching ideas

Write the figures listed below up on the whiteboard in a random order and ask students to work in pairs or small groups to note them in the order that they hear them. Play the first 1 min 20 secs of the clip. An extension task could be to listen again and explain what each of the figures corresponds to.  Answers below. 

  • 50 minutes
  • 15 millions
  • 57 hectares
  • Une quarantaine 
  • Le 12 avril 1992
  • 47
  • 3


  • 50 minutes = time taken to reach the the theme park from Paris.
  • 15 millions = visitors each year.
  • 57 hectares = size of the park.
  • Une quarantaine = approximate number of attractions.
  • Le 12 avril 1992 
  • 47 = exact number of attractions.
  • 3 = number of shows.

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