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by Teachit
4th September 2014


Wallace and Gromit | Jobs | Body | Reading | Spanish

This could be the perfect way to ensure students give you their total attention – just follow the example of this make-up artist with a difference.

Teaching ideas

Use this article as a quick and intriguing starter for a lesson on just about any topic (make a tenuous link to nationalites, parts of the body, jobs or TV shows if you must!).

  • Show just the picture of Wallace from the article so that students can figure out what the image is exactly (a photo of the bottom half of her face, upside down)
  • Show them the title of the article and ask them to translate this into English (English girl paints her lips with cartoons).
  • Display the first line of the article: what is her job? (professional make-up artist).
  • Make a QR code for the article so that students can scan it on their way to their next lesson if they'd like to read more about her at home. There's a helpful guide for total beginners on how make QR codes here.

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