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by Teachit
4th September 2014


Spanish | Personal details | Reading

How creative can you get with an ice-cream? This artist's pictures are so good, you wouldn't mind your lolly melting.

Teaching ideas

1. What can your students find out about this original artist?

  • Name?(Othman Toma.) 
  • Nationality? (Irakqi.)
  • Town? (Bagdad.)
  • Favourite things to paint? (Tigers, lions, historical buildings, female faces and other things.)
  • Other techniques used for art, apart from ice-cream? (Pencils, ballpoint pens, traditional paint.)
  • Where is his work displayed? (Photographed and posted online.)
  • How popular is his work? (He has 1000 followers online.)

2. Ask students to discuss in Spanish whether they like his art and which picture they prefer.

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