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by Teachit
23rd April 2015


German | Culture | Food
The 'Get Germanized' You Tube channel has all kinds of short video clips on a range of German language and and cultural topics. Although the clips are in English, the presenter is German and the content is very accessible for KS3 students. Here are some teaching suggestions based around one of these clips which ranks the top 10 most popular German foods.

Teaching ideas

  • Ask students to predict the most popular foods in Germany.
  • Copy the list of foods below into a Word document and muddle them up and/or cut them up.
  • Ask students to rank the foods according to their likely popularity with Germans (using dictionaries if needed).
  • Watch the video clip (about 6 mins) pausing to practise pronunciation of the German food words.
  • Compare the students' predictions with the presenter's top 10. Did they guess correctly? Were there any surprises?
  • The presenter invites viewers to create a video response. Your students could create a similar video of their favourite foods using German vocabulary.


  1. Die Spaghetti Bolognese
  2. Die Spaghetti mit Tomatensoße
  3. Das Schnitzel
  4. Die Pizza
  5. Die Roulade
  6. Der Spargel
  7. Der Sauerbraten
  8. Die Lasagne
  9. Das Steak
  10. Der Nudelauflauf


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