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by Teachit
4th December 2014


French | Poetry | Literature | Adjective agreement

The abridged version of Julos Beaucarne's poem below would appeal to KS3 students learning countries and nationalities, adjective agreement or possessive adjectives. A powerful and accessible way to celebrate our multicultural society!

Teaching ideas

Copy the poem below, cutting the nationality words and putting them in a box at the bottom of the page to create a gap-fill activity. Encourage students to think in terms of their grammatical knowledge as well as their cultural awareness when choosing the correct words to fill the gaps.

Students could then use this as a springboard for creating their own poems with a similar pattern, perhaps finding out where their own possessions or favourite dishes originated and doing a 'mon/ma/mes' version.

For older or more able students, the full poem is available here and there is a song of this version here, also available on YouTube with a clip showing the lyrics.

Ton Christ est juif

Ton Christ est juif 
Ta voiture est japonaise
Ta pizza est italienne
Ton couscous est algérien 
Ta démocratie est grecque 
Ton café est brésilien 

Et tu reproches à ton voisin d'être un étranger 

Ta montre est suisse 
Ta chemise est indienne 
Ta radio est coréenne 
Tes vacances sont tunisiennes 
Tes chiffres sont arabes 
Ton écriture est latine 

Et tu reproches à ton voisin d'être étranger 

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