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by Teachit
15th January 2015


Spanish | Sport | Quiz

This multiple choice quiz is designed to work out which sport best suits you, according to your personality and interests. It would make a good reading task for Spanish AS students starting the topic of sport within the healthy living context. It could also be a good homework or extension task for high-ability GCSE students.

Teaching ideas

Create a QR code for the page above so that students can quickly find the test on their phones.

Introduce the activity using the text below the picture on the first page of the test. Work through each of the eight questions as a class, with students making their individual responses to each question before moving on to the next. New vocabulary can be translated and noted in the process.

When students have completed the multiple choice questions ask them to copy out and translate the personalised advice given at the end. This can then be shared with a partner or the class. What recommendations were they given about the kind of sport which would suit them? Do they agree or disagree and why?

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