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If you want authentic materials for your lesson but don’t have time to search the net, here’s something for you. Topical, engaging news articles and video clips with suggested teaching ideas.



by Teachit
24th October 2014


German | Communication technology | Internet | Reading

This German article about the joys and perils of social networking would tie in well to the AS topic of communication technology. 

Teaching ideas

Start with the summary box at the bottom of the article entitled Auf die Schnelle - wichtige Tipps für das Surfen in sozialen Netzwerken. Students could discuss whether they follow the advice and give examples of the problems which can occur otherwise.

To help students access the whole article, you could try dividing the class into three groups and giving each group one of the longer paragraphs to work on. By becoming ‘experts’ in their section of the text (looking up vocabulary and writing a summary in English) they can then share this knowledge with the other groups to get a complete picture of the article’s content.

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