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by Teachit
27th August 2015


French | Reading | Clothes

The summer sales are still underway here in the UK, but not across the channel! France's official website, offers a fascinating insight to many aspects of French life and culture, including fashion. This page dedicated to the summer sales would make interesting reading for fashion conscious bargain hunters in your AS classes. Use it as a starter activity, extension or homework task to encourage students to tackle authentic texts.

Teaching ideas

Project the article and ask students to find the following information. Answers given below.

1.     What is different about the sales in France, compared to the UK?

2.     Find the French for: bargains, big chains (major retailers), seasonal sales, start (noun).

3.     Explain the meaning of 'les ultramarins' (start of the last paragraph) in this context. Read the whole paragraph for clues (it's not a colour!).

4.     Does this seem a good system to you? Explain why / why not in French.


1.     The dates of the summer and winter sales are set across the country over a period of six weeks, although there are some slight regional variations.

2.     Bonnes affaires, grandes enseignes, soldes saisonniers, démarrage.

3.     French departments overseas, e.g. Guadaloupe, La Réunion, Martinique etc.

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