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If you want authentic materials for your lesson but don’t have time to search the net, here’s something for you. Topical, engaging news articles and video clips with suggested teaching ideas.



by Teachit
16th October 2014


Spanish | Marriage | Partnerships | Famous people

Taking her love for Twilight character Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) to extremes, Lauren Adkins has actually married a cardboard cut-out of her idol.  This article would make an interesting introduction to the GCSE context of relationships or the AS level topic of marriage/partnerships. 

Teaching ideas

Put the verbs below on the whiteboard and ask students to write them down in the order they think these actions should happen, before discussing their answers with a partner:

Tenir hijos, enamorarse, casarse, encontrarse, admirar, comprometerse, salir, convivir.

Project the image from this news article and invite students to speculate on the content of the story.

Divide the class into two halves and scroll down to show the first two paragraphs of the article.

One half of the class should work in groups to translate the first paragraph into English and the other should do the same with the second, using dictionaries if necessary.

Ask students to stand up and find a partner from the other half of the class to share their translations and the meanings of any words they have looked up.

More able students may like to read the end of the article as a class, discussing what they have understood.

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