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by Teachit
22nd October 2015


French | Listening | Relationships

The official video of the group Grand Corps Malade has some fantastic choreography to go with their spoken version of an updated Romeo and Juliette story. Great for AS students covering the relationships topic, but could also be used with younger students depending on the task set.

Teaching ideas

Copy and paste the lyrics from into a Word document.

Choose several words from each verse to cut from the lyrics, according to the level of your class.

Paste these into a textbox at the bottom of the Word document. This can be folded behind or covered over to allow for differentiation for more able students.

Play the song with strategic pauses to give students time to complete the lyrics with the missing words.

An easier task would be to cut up the song lyrics into sections for students to re-order.

Students could then work on translating a verse each in small groups. There is a suggested English translation under the YouTube video of the song for them to compare their translations.

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