Topical teaching ideas

If you want authentic materials for your lesson but don’t have time to search the net, here’s something for you. Topical, engaging news articles and video clips with suggested teaching ideas.



by Teachit
26th January 2015


French | Reading | Environment

This article from the website Réseau Terre Interactif is all about reducing water consumption. It would make a useful authentic text to use with A level students beginning the environment topic.

Teaching ideas

Copy and paste the text into Word, enlarge the font, photocopy onto A3 and cut up the paragraphs and four headings.

Ask students to work together in small groups at the front of the class to decide which heading each paragraph should be under. Compare and discuss.

Students can then return to their desks. Give the whole text with the imperative verbs cut out and pasted into a box at the bottom of the document.

The text can then be completed and translated as a group, providing a springboard for work on the imperative.


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