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by Teachit
26th February 2015


French | Video | Facebook

This short video clip (1m. 42s.) from gives a good overview of why Facebook is not suitable for children. The engaging animation supports comprehension and it could be used effectively with AS French students as part of the technology topic.

Teaching ideas

Play the first 10 seconds of the clip and pause it, leaving the question on the screen: Pourquoi Facebook est-il interdit aux moins de 13 ans? Ask students to work in small groups to jot down as many reasons for this as they can in French. Share all their ideas as one list on the whiteboard.

Play the clip for the first time without pauses, asking students to identify how many of the points which they thought of are also mentioned in the clip. Discuss this at the end, ticking the points which were mentioned on the whiteboard list.

Play the clip again, with regular pauses for students to make notes about anything they can understand, including key words. This is probably best done in English, depending on the ability of the group or of individual students. Although the French is native-speaker speed, the animations do help with the main ideas and some of the language. 

Add these ideas to the whiteboard list, translating them back into French as a group if necessary. Ask students to use this list of ideas and take turns in pairs to talk for 1 minute about the title question. More able students should go first, allowing others to re-use the same language (you should make it clear that it is ok to repeat phrases as well as add their own).

Finally, you could ask students to write a brief comment on the topic, in the style of the ones on the site, under the video clip: 'Ecrire un message'. These could then be typed in and posted.

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