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by Teachit
4th June 2015


Spanish | Reading | Advertising

This article from the BBC Mundo site highlights a complaint about the model used in the Yves Saint Laurent advert above. AS students studying the health or media topic might find this an interesting starting point for discussion.

Teaching ideas

  • Paste the advert image into a Word document with plenty of room for notes around the picture. Ask students to note any relevant Spanish nouns, verbs, adjectives and opinions around the image.
  • Ask them to describe the picture and give an opinion of the advert in Spanish.
  • Show the headline for the article and check their understanding. Do they agree with the ban?
  • Students could then read the article with the aim of adding to the words listed around the picture on their Word document.
  • Having read the article, challenge them to talk for 30 seconds or 1 minute on the topic of the image, using the words they have noted for support.

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