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by Teachit
29th August 2014


French | Reading | Culture | KS3 | GCSE

The importance of a good baguette cannot be underestimated …

Teaching ideas

  • Project the article, showing the image of the bread and the five short introductory paragraphs.
  • Read the first paragraph and ask students to translate it. (What would Paris be without the baguette? A town like any other.)
  • Ask students to look at the second paragraph and pick out any cognates (béret, disparu, symbole) which could help them work out the gist. Do they agree that the baguette is a better symbol of France than the beret? What else could be chosen to represent France?
  • Read the third paragraph – ask what the 'Grand prix de la Baguette' might be and who it might be given to.
  • Students read the fourth paragraph to identify the essential qualities of a good baguette (55-65cm in length, 250-300g in weight, no more than 18g of salt per 100g of flour).
  • Look at the last paragraph and ask students what the 'Elysée' is. How many baguettes are delivered there?

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