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by Teachit
29th August 2014


French | Reading | Interactive | Culture | Introductions

Two fascinating maps of France showing the most popular names by region for boys and girls since 1946. The maps each have a slider along the top to allow you to adjust the date and see how the trends have changed.

Teaching ideas

Starter: Ask the class if they know last year's most popular names for babies in the UK (Oliver for boys and Olivia for girls) and what they think the most popular names might be this year.

Pre-reading task: Students work in groups to write down as many French first names as they can, perhaps dipping into their textbooks if inspiration is needed!

Maps: Project the maps and show the most popular names in 1946 and 2011 by moving the slider from left to right. Students could take turns to say a date in French while a volunteer listens and moves the slider to the right point.

Reading: Choose one of the paragraphs analysing the changing trends and ask students what they can understand. For example, the paragraph headed 'La mode américaine'.

Plenary: Show the two animated maps at the bottom of the linked webpage, which run through all the changes automatically. Close the screen and ask students to say as many French first names as they can to their partner. 

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