Topical teaching ideas

If you want authentic materials for your lesson but don’t have time to search the net, here’s something for you. Topical, engaging news articles and video clips with suggested teaching ideas.



by Teachit
22nd July 2016


French | Reading | Technology

Tap into the Pokémon Go craze with this article from Géo Ado about both the appeal and the dangers.

Teaching ideas

Start by asking students to work in groups against the clock to find all the cognates in the first paragraph of the article, e.g. énorme, succès, improbable etc. Groups can compete to find the most words similar to English in the time and then share these as a class.

Set the timer again with a challenge to find the meanings for the most new words from the first paragraph. Again, these can be shared.

Allocate one sentence to each group for them to translate into English. They can then share these with the class by writing them up on a mini whiteboard. Other groups might offer suggestions on how to improve the translations or make them sound more natural by passing the whiteboards around.

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