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by Teachit
9th July 2015


French | Culture

The Tour de France runs from 4-27 July this year and is an interesting cultural and sporting topic for students to find out more about. As the end of term approaches, why not get students to work in groups and do their own research on the Tour?

Teaching ideas

  • Depending on how much your students know about the Tour, you might like to start by showing them this 10 minute YouTube clip (in English, but with a heavy French accent!) which gives an animated overview of the history of the event and an explanation of how it works.
  • Direct students to the official French website, to find out more about the event. They can switch languages and read the information in English from the homepage.
  • Ask them to choose one of the French competitors and research them. They could use an app like Puppet Pals to present their information in the form of an interview with the cyclist they have chosen.
  • Get students to create a quiz for their class or another class (with an answer sheet), based on the information on the site.

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