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by Teachit
26th June 2015


French | Reading | Sport

This short Paris Match story is about two new entries for the Guinness Book of Records with the world's largest surfboard and the most people on a surfboard. It's just one paragraph long and comes with plenty of pictures, making it more accessible for Key Stage 3 students studying the topic of free time/sport.

Teaching ideas

  • Start by scrolling through the pictures and inviting students to guess what the story is about.  You could ask them to speculate about the size of the surfboard and how many people are on it in French, for example.
  • There are four numbers in the article.  Ask students to work in groups and race to work out what each of the numbers represents.


42 = the length in feet of the record-breaking surfboard.

11 = the width in feet of the surfboard.

10 = the number of seconds the surfers had to remain upright on the board whilst surfing a wave.

66 = the record-breaking number of people who managed to surf on the board.

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