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by Teachit
11th December 2014


Spanish | Reading | Roller coaster

An authentic article about the opening of the world's biggest roller coaster, which is sure to appeal to KS3 and KS4 students studying the topic of free time. Play the video clip (which appears half-way down the article) as students enter the classroom for guaranteed engagement – it's fairly terrifying!

Teaching ideas

Copy and print the text for students to read (or create a URL code to enable them to access the article on their iPads, if available).

Give each pair of students five cards, each with one of these numbers on: 4, 105, 170, 200, 2017. Students race to identify the significance of each of the numbers in the text, noting this in English (or Spanish, according to the ability of the group). As they do not need to understand every word, this can be a quick activity which makes an interesting text accessible to them.

Answers (in order of appearance in the text):

  • 170 = height of the roller coaster in metres
  • 105 = speed the roller coaster will achieve in miles per hour
  • 2017 = date the amusement park will open
  • 200 = amount of money invested in the park, in millions of dollars
  • 4 = number of minutes the ride will take from start to finish 

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