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by Teachit
10th April 2015


French | Listening | Cinema

With Iron Man 3 coming to cinemas at the end of this month, it's a good time to tap into the hype and use the French version of the film trailer. Use this as a fun end to a lesson or tie it into the topic of free time. The suggested task below would make this an accessible clip for KS3 or KS4 students.

Teaching ideas

  • Copy the 10 phrases below (which are taken from the clip) into a Word document, make copies and cut them up.
  • Give one set of shuffled phrases to each pair of students.
  • Play the clip and ask students to put the phrases in the order they hear them.
  • A possible extension task could be to translate the sentences or use them to record their own version of the trailer.


J'ai une petite amie géniale.

De temps en temps je sauve le monde.

Il faut neutraliser le Mandarin.

Vous ne savez pas qui je suis.

Je dois protéger la seule chose qui m'est essentielle, et c'est vous.

Je vais vous offrir un choix.

Vous n'êtes pas un homme, vous n'êtes qu'un psychopathe.

Vous ne me faites pas peur.

On a besoin de renforts.

Ça, c'est ton problème.

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