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by Teachit
25th September 2014


Reading | Poem | Literature | Racism

This slideshow version of Jérôme Ruillier's book 'Hombre de color' puts the basic vocabulary of colours into a much more interesting context for students. Based on a story-poem passed down from generation to generation in the African oral tradition, this humourous book challenges racism and prejudice.

Hombre de Color

Teaching ideas

Show the first slide and ask students to suggest which Spanish colour words they think the story will include. List these on the board and tick them off as you come across each one.

Read out the text of the slide 2 in Spanish and translate it into English yourself. Then read the text on slide 3 and ask students to translate it into English.

Continue in the same way, giving more or less support with the translation of the first slide in each pair depending on the ability of your group. Reading it out with some actions will also help the class.

The students should be able to translate the 'punchline' on the final slide themselves.

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