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by Teachit
18th June 2015


French | Reading | Music | Culture
The Fête de la musique is coming up on 21 June and is a major part of the cultural landscape every year in France. Encourage your students to find out more about it using this list of 10 choses à faire absolument le jour de la #FDLM.

Teaching ideas

  • Students in KS3 could focus just on the verbs in each of the 10 headings. How much can they find out about the event just from this task?
  • KS4 students could work in pairs or threes, taking one of the 10 headings each to translate into English and share with the group.
  • KS5 students could read the 10 suggestions and make a list of positive words or phrases used to promote the event, e.g. profiter, en toute liberté, n'hésitez pas, bonne nouvelle etc.

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