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If you want authentic materials for your lesson but don’t have time to search the net, here’s something for you. Topical, engaging news articles and video clips with suggested teaching ideas.



by Teachit
7th May 2015


Spanish | Reading | Technology
This article about the possible health risks of using mobile phones is from the Spanish magazine site It could be used as a reading text on health or technology for AS students, or even for KS4 using the more accessible tasks suggested below.

Teaching ideas

  • Write the following phrases from the article on the whiteboard and invite students to predict the content of the article: dormir con el celular / nuestra salud / la radiación / tumores cerebrales / el potencial daño / consejos para protegerse.
  • Create a QR code for the article web address to enable students to read it on their iPads or simply copy and print out the five bits of advice at the end of the article.
  • Ask students to read the five bits of advice given in Spanish and translate the bold subheadings into English.
  • More able students may want to read the detailed advice under each subheading and note further details.


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