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by Teachit
28th November 2014


German | School | Technology

The little video clip on the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage complements the article about the use of technology in German schools and could be used for AS students. The images support comprehension and more able students can be encouraged to note key German words as well as the English answers if they can. The whole clip lasts 1m21s and is best broken into the segments suggested below.

Teaching ideas

Possible questions (with answers):

0m – 14s What will be the difference between today's schoolchildren and those of the future?

(In the future children will have lighter schoolbags as they will no longer need heavy books and folders but just a pen, some paper and a tablet.)

14s – 42s What are some other benefits of these changes for students and teachers?

(Students can download books and exercises and learn vocabulary, for example in English. Teachers, like the Maths teacher shown, can create video and animations to demonstrate teaching points and think that it's cool!)

42s – 52s What are the problems with this new technology for schools?

(The gadgets and software are quite expensive and only a few schools can afford them. It would not be very fair if some schools provided the equipment and others didn't.)

52s – 1m05s Would using videos for Chemistry be a good idea, according to this clip?

(Probably not, as students learn better when actively learning rather than just watching a video. Also Chemistry would be boring without real experiments!)

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