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by Teachit
3rd September 2015


Spanish | Reading | Health

This article about the healthiest country in Europe is from and could tie in to the topic of healthy living.  Spain may have problems to face, but at least the Spanish have the highest life expectancy in Europe!

Teaching ideas

Write the title question on the board (¿Cuál es el país más sano para vivir en Europa?), and invite students to give as many suggestions in Spanish as they can.

Next, write the Spanish for Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden around the board and ask students to work with a partner to note these in order of healthiness, with the healthiest country at the top of the list.

Project the answers from the bottom of the article (numbered from 1-6) for them to compare with their lists.

Can students work out the difference between the two ages cited, i.e. average healthy life span vs. total life expectancy?

Ask them to suggest why Spain came at the top of the list. Then scroll up to the third paragraph of the article and see if students can pick out the factors mentioned (a healthy Mediterranean diet, a warm climate, more likely to go for walks).

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