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by Teachit
19th December 2014


French | Reading | Texting

Apparently nearly 50,000 texts are sent each minute worldwide so why not challenge your class to learn how to text in French? This guide to French texting will teach your students some common words and expressions as well as the text abbreviations.

Teaching ideas

As a starter write a text-style message in French to see if your class can decode (and then translate) it. Direct them to the page ‘comprendre le langage SMS des ados’ to look for what the abbreviations represent. You could try:

Slt koi 2 9? Rdv 2m1 a 18h. rstp! (Salut, quoi de neuf? Rendez-vous demain à 18 heures. Réponds s’il te plaît.)


G bcp d’NRJ today :) (J’ai beaucoup d’énergie aujourd’hui – j’en suis content/e)

The students could then work in groups to write their own French text messages, using the webpage for support and ideas. These could then be passed to another group to decode into standard French and then to the next group to translate the message into English. Alternatively, they could just get their phones out and text each other directly!

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