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by Teachit
12th November 2015


German | Listening | Literature | Song

Song lyrics are essentially poems and are an engaging way to get authentic literary texts into your lessons. However, it can be hard to find suitable songs, with audible lyrics and appropriate content. Here's a great song from the German artist Xavier Naidoo, also known by his stage name Kobra. Thanks to our German Marketing Executive, Katharina Rompf, for introducing me to this singer!

Teaching ideas

Copy and past the German lyrics (available with an English translation here) into Word and remove a selection of key words to paste into a text box, depending on the focus of your lesson and ability of the group. For lower ability classes, you could leave the lyrics intact but cut up the verses for students to reorder as they listen.

You will find the YouTube video of the song here.

Students could then write their own simple lyrics or poetry, using the formula 'Du bist … ' + noun and adapting other lines of the song ('Please don't stop … -ing').

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