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by Teachit
5th July 2019


French | Listening | Family

The first minute of this survey video on YouTube (from could be a nice starting point for getting AS-level French students to discuss family relationships. First, ask your class to answer the survey question for themselves:

Tes relations avec tes parents sont plutôt:

  • inexistantes
  • hyper-tendues
  • bof
  • cool
  • idéales

Next, you could ask them to watch the clip and make a tally of how many of the young people interviewed pick each option (note that one person picks 'tout à la fois'! They could also make a note of the percentages given around the 50 second mark of the clip, suggesting that 80% of 18-34 years olds have a relationship with their parents that is 'cool/idéal'. The rest of the clip goes on to look at trends in the rest of Europe, so is less relevant from a language point of view. The first minute of the clip is sufficient as a lesson starter.

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