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by Teachit
5th June 2015


French | Listening | Reading | Technology

The French government anti-bullying site ( has a short film (1 min. 46 secs.) on this topic entitled 'Les injures'. This could be shown to students from KS3-KS5 as the language is marginal to the story and it is interesting to see how the French are responding to the rise in cyber-bullying, which many students may have experienced themselves.

Thanks to @HelenMyers for mentioning this site to the #mfltwitterati on Twitter!

Teaching ideas

  • Having watched the video clip, ask students to browse the site themselves, looking on the pages under the tab 'Qu’est-ce que le harcèlement’ (on the home page), to find and note 10 key percentages and facts about bullying. All the percentages are easily found in green boxes on the site, making it easier for students to access key facts rather than get bogged down in unfamiliar language.
  • AS students will find a useful page about 'cyber-harcèlement' under the tab  'Qu’est-ce que le harcèlement’ for them to read and gather key vocabulary about the issue of cyber-harcèlement. You could ask students to work in groups and create a one-page spider diagram of key words for discussing this topic, under the following headings: nouns, adjectives, verbs, opinions, statistics etc.

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