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by Teachit
5th March 2015


German | Vocabulary | Starter

Deutsche Weller, Germany's international broadcaster, has a photo feature on its culture pages about 10 German terms of endearment, with explanations in English. Here's a suggestion on using these 10 words as a vocabulary / thinking skills starter activity when teaching the relationships topic with GCSE or AS classes.

Teaching ideas

Put each of the German words below onto cards, with enough copies for each group of four or five students to have one set of 10 word cards:

  1. Maus
  2. Hase
  3. Bärchen
  4. Mausebär
  5. Schnecke
  6. Schnucki
  7. Perle
  8. Liebling
  9. Süsse/​Süsser
  10. Schatz

Challenge the students to work out the one connection between all the words. To do this they should start by working as a group to write an English translation of each word on the cards. They can use (online) dictionaries in a race against other groups / the clock. The first group to correctly guess that the theme is something to do with 'words you might call your girlfriend or boyfriend' wins!

Show the class the 10 photos and explanations of each term of endearment here so that they can check their answers.


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