ELT teaching resources – speaking

A whole host of activities to help your learners improve their spoken fluency, whatever their level.

If you're a bit overwhelmed by the number of resources here, under 'Resources, Resources by level' you can find all our speaking resources organised by level. To search for speaking resources on a particular topic, try our search function in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can also search by level that way.


Adjectives and adverbs (intermediate) (2)
Animals (advanced) (2)
Animals (basic) (1)
Annoying things (1)
Body and health (advanced) (1)
Body and health (intermediate) (1)
Books and movies (advanced) (1)
Books and movies (intermediate) (4)
Business communication skills (5)
Christmas (5)
Classroom dynamics (3)
Collocation and idiom (2)
Connectors (1)
Correcting information (1)
Creativity (5)
Crime and punishment (1)
Critical thinking (1)
Describing people, places and things (1)
Determiners (intermediate) (1)
Directions (1)
Economics and finance (2)
Essays (1)
Everyday words (1)
Family (advanced) (1)
Family (intermediate) (1)
Food and drink (basic) (3)
Food and drink (intermediate) (4)
Food and drink (range of levels) (2)
Friends (intermediate) (1)
Functional language (1)
Getting to know you (7)
Group decision-making (13)
Halloween (1)
House and home (1)
Illustrated stories (3)
Instructions (3)
Jobs and recruitment (4)
Language and languages (2)
Leisure activities (advanced) (2)
Life in an English-speaking country (3)
Making a speech or presentation (4)
Management (1)
Marketing (3)
Memorable events (3)
Music (2)
Narrative (1)
Needs analysis, motivation and learner autonomy (1)
New technologies (basic) (1)
New Year (1)
News-based resource [The Week] (2)
Numbers (4)
Pictures (4)
Polite responses (1)
Present (intermediate) (2)
Questions (basic) (1)
Questions (intermediate) (1)
Resource templates (3)
Revision activities (1)
Sales and customer service (1)
Seasonal resources (1)
Shops and shopping (basic) (2)
Shops and shopping (intermediate) (1)
Speaking cycles (6)
Stressful situations (2)
Supernatural (2)
Telling the time (2)
Traditional folk-tales (2)
Travel (basic) (2)
Travel (intermediate) (1)

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