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Mentiras - Lies
Great listening practice with the speaker describing a photograph and deliberately adding some untruths. Good introduction to describing an image as a GCSE speaking controlled assessment task. The accompanying Magnet activity makes a perfect starter to sorting the lies from the truth!
KS3 KS4 KS5 , Spanish | Everyday life | Listening | Speaking |  From the resource collection(s): Describing people | Vocabulary
Download Mentiras - Lies in Word formatDownload documentDownload documentDownload Mentiras - Lies in PDF format
Una fiesta de disfraces – a fancy dress party
Activity in which students practise listening strategies. A native speaker describes the costumes she wanted to wear for a fancy dress party and why she discarded all but one. Students have to listen in order to know what costumes are mentioned and why they were discarded/chosen. Great practice for higher-level GCSE.
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KS3 KS4 KS5 , Spanish | Everyday life | Language skills | Society |  From the resource collection(s): Culture, history and traditions | Describing people | Vocabulary
Download Una fiesta de disfraces – a fancy dress party in Word formatDownload documentDownload Una fiesta de disfraces – a fancy dress party in PDF format

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