Interactive resources

Perfect for your interactive whiteboard or computer suite!

As a Teachit Languages subscriber, you can create and save your own interactive games and activities, or choose from a wealth of classroom-ready activities and adapt them to suit your classes. Look out for the interactive icon Interactive whizzy activity as you browse our resource libraries. Not yet a subscriber? Try out the free samples below!


Classroom classics

Computer and whiteboard versions of those activities that you just can't do without ...
A fantastic free clock.

Teachit Timer – free to all

Make your own fun, flippable, talking tiles.


Create your own interactive matching activity.


Create your own interactive ordering activity.


Create your own interactive quizzes and concept-checks.

Yes No


Language games

Have fun with spelling, synonyms, pronunciation, tenses and more ...
Make your own interactive version of the classic word game.


Race against time to find the hidden word.


Race against time to sort words into categories


Make your own quick-fire interactive game.



Exploring text

Investigate phrases, sentences or whole chunks of text ...
Make your own word jigsaw puzzle.


Create your own interactive to explore syntax.


Make your own interactive personality questionnaires.


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