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Welcome to Teachit's library of Language teaching resources
KS3–5 French, German and Spanish

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Easter puzzles

For some end of term fun with KS3 German groups, try this Easter wordsearch and crossword. The puzzles are differentiated and come with an interactive Matching starter and a plenary game of snap to learn Easter vocabulary.


'April is a promise that May is bound to keep.' (Hal Borland)

We are on the home straight. Year 11 assessments are done and dusted at last and we can concentrate on revision. Year 12 and Year 13 students are gearing up for their exams too.

The pressure’s on to hit those target grades, so how do you help your students revise? Past papers may come top of the list, but adding in some games and quizzes will certainly help, so here are a few suggestions. April doesn’t have to be the cruellest month!

Sheena Luckcock

Hotel Bingo

These picture bingo cards are designed to revise vocabulary related to hotel facilities and work in any language. Or you could adapt the idea to revise the vocabulary of your choice, using words, pictures or numbers. My students – even the older ones – find bingo surprisingly motivating.

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Game templates

Sometimes the old favourites are the best. Try these templates for dominoes, blockbusters and a revision cube. They all work for any language and come with suggestions on how you (or your students) can create your own revision games.


German revision quizzes

Two PowerPoints designed to help students revise key vocabulary and linguistic structures with a focus on accuracy. There's one for A2 students and a similar activity for AS classes, which comes with a worksheet task as well.


Pick a topic, any topic …

Remember, as a subscriber you can access our resources in Word, making it easy to adapt them to suit your class.

You can also use and adapt our interactive games or even make your own – they are perfect for revising vocabulary on the topic of your choice.

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